Photographic and sociological trekking trips in Trentino. A linguistic paradox? No: the aim is to follow paths, using your sense of direction to make your way through images that appear significantly distant from one another in terms of subject, technique used and artistic characteristics.

Views of both human and natural landscapes fill the pages of a volume that brings together six of Italy’s top photographers and photo journalists, guiding a further 50 photographers in a project that allowed them to explore and discover areas comprising the Val di Fiemme and Val di Fassa, Rovereto and Vallagarina, Lake Garda and Comano, Bleggio, Lomaso, the Pinè Plateau and the Cembra Valley, the Valsugana and Tesino. Each lens captured a particular aspect of the region, its inhabitants and visitors, yielding a multi-faceted portrait of man and his surroundings, a portrait that raises questions: very rarely are these “picture postcard” images of Trentino.

The eye behind the lens is always in search of a new focus, a fresh angle. In the landscape shots, the splendour of nature must be sought in the apparent coldness of the black and white picture. Where man is the subject, the perspective required for observation is a disquieting one. Six mature reflections, with nothing superficial about them, regarding places where Man is in communion with nature through sport, activity, rest, the ritual dimension. Landscapes that frequently turn out, within the intimacy of the expressions captured in the neighbourhoods, along the paths, before an altar or beneath the feathered cap of an Alpini soldier, to symbolise a deeply rooted link with the mountains, or with travelling companions.

Edited by: Trentino Marketing S.p.A. in collaboration with Lorenza Biasetto and Daniele Lira
Photographs: Francesco Cito, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Francesco Zizola, Stefano De Luigi, Alex Majoli and Pietro Masturzo
Texts: Area Comunicazione
Publisher: Montura Editing

Year of publication: 2011