Set: the beech trees and the red and yellow fir trees of the Val Dei Mocheni, an enclave in Trentino where the ancient German dialect has been preserved in the memory of some of the locals. Action! A film about fatherhood, about the father and son relationship, about childhood and growing up. About man and about the relationship with a vigorous landscape replete with colours, fragrances and shifting scenarios. A relationship that even today can be as fertile and rewarding as it was meant to be.

A series of images and casual reflections carve out an artistic, human and professional path that led to the making of Andrea Segre’s feature-length film “La Prima Neve”.
The pictures by Simone Falso show moments on the set and scenes backstage, offering a glimpse of how the sequences were put together, shots of the work and the research that went into the film, as well as fragments of the emotions expressed through the story, the characters and an alluring landscape rich in history and tradition. As the valley awaits the first flurry of winter snow.

In the diary, slotted in among the photos, the director gathers reflections and ideas that emerged during the production of the film.

“Too soon. How far up? How long will it last? What will happen in the locations of the dream, at the crossroads and the final sequence? When and how will Dani discover the snow? What will the places where Michele remembers his father be like? The helicopter has no trouble reaching them quickly, but no-one and nothing can tell me what they’ll be like on the day of filming. Dialogue with nature is the only way. What happens beyond my control will mark the appearance and the shape of my story."

Texts: Andrea Segre
Photos: Simone Falso
Published by: Montura Editing

Year of publication: 2013