Resistance - The long story of Agustino Gazzera



The shop floor and the mountains of Piemonte. For many years, beginning right after the war, with just one means of transport. The bicycle. Until the start of the economic boom in the early 60s, when even Agostino Gázzera - born 1927 and the protagonist of this story - succumbed to the spread of the automobile. A unique tale which is also a paradigm of a generation of young workers drawn to the dream of the mountains and forced to divide their time between shifts in the factory, family life and their passion for the world of the peaks. A story of courage, endurance and, at the same time, of humility. Above all, this is a lesson in life which aids reflection on a past which as yet is too recent to be filed away in the remotest crevices of the memory.

TITOLO: Resistance - The long story of Agustino Gazzera
WRITTEN: Roberto Mantovani
PICTURES: Daniele Lira
PUBLISHED BY: Montura Editing


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