Simply, the story of a competition that has entered the realm of legend, from before the beginning, almost thirty years ago, through to the future. This book contains the whole story of the Rock Master event in Arco, Trentino, told in the words and pictures of the world’s top climbers, those who have made each edition a concentrate of athletic values and spectacular performances: Manolo, Heinz Mariacher, Patrick Edlinger and Francois Legrand to name but a few.

It all began back in 1986: the rock walls of Arco, along with those of Bardonecchia, were the setting for the second edition of the Sport Roccia competition. This event sowed the seeds for a new era, the start of the competition age and the discovery of the elective affinity between Arco and climbing, between climbers and the white rocks of the Sarca Valley. It was on this basis and with these prospects that the following year saw the beginning of the Rock Master adventure, the first edition of the event designed to show off the spectacular nature of climbing by bringing together the world’s most prestigious athletes to complete against one another.

What was a revolution for those years is brought back to life in these pages, through the accounts and the splendid photographs immortalising both the effort required and the pauses for reflection, portraying the phases of the climbers and spectators that have played a part in all the previous editions, as well as using past experience to draw up a picture of likely future developments. 

Edited by: Giulio Malfer and Vinicio Stefanello
Graphic design: Giancarlo Stefanati
Photos: Marco Maria Scolaris, Lucio Tonina, Arch. Bassi, Manolo, Heinz Mariacher, Leonardo di Marino, AGF Bernardinatti, Giulio Malfer, Francesco Tremolada, Arch. Associazione Rock Master Arco, Arch. INGARDA, Fabio Galas
Published by: Nicolodi Editore Rovereto / Montura Editing

Year of publication: 2005