Fabulous, in the original sense of the term. Simply a fable of the kind we used to listen to as children, using words accessible to little folk, yet aimed at grown-ups, with a coloured picture or two thrown in. The story of a storyteller: an aging wanderer travelling from one village to the next, his bag packed with legends and stories kids looked forward to with the eager anticipation reserved for special events. And the voice and hands of the wanderer would take his listeners through uncharted territory every time: this is the power, this is the allure of storytelling. Whether first-hand experience or fruit of the imagination, this fable by Fausto De Stefani is an act of choice, a way to dream, a path that leads off into the distance. And just like any other fable, the language is both profound and universal, as the author himself notes:

Every time I return to the Himalayas, it’s a pleasure:
I find myself once more.
I listen.
I live among simple, authentic folk,
sharing their everyday experiences.
There’s a fascination in legends like this,
legends that tell the tale of the origins of the Great Mountain:
Sagarmatha, the mother goddess, the ceiling of the word, Everest.

Author: Fausto De Stefani
Illustrations: Alessandro Barison
Photos: Giulio Malfer
Foreword: Marco Paolini
Published by: Montura Editing

Year of publication: 2009


Montura Editing published A FABULOUS JOURNEY to support Fausto de Stefani and the Rarahil Memorial School project