A borderline project, in the literal sense that it explores the very meaning of the term “border”. The whole project revolves around the figure of Nives Meroi, a woman with an extreme, visceral relationship with the mountain, a borderline area by definition. This volume contains not only the words that appear in her accounts, but also images, of a white other than the white of the snow, portrayed in the photos of Linda Abdul, together with the poetry of a third woman, Alda Merini.

Visual poetry, poetry in words, accounts of climbs undertaken by Nives in the company of Romano Benet, her inseparable companion both in life and the adventures that are an integral part of it. Here too are the images of the major mountains of Tashi Yangzom, who portrays his fellow Tibetans forced into exile, together with more landscapes. All of this contributes to, and precludes, a revelation: the border is right there for the explorer. Just waiting to be sought out, overcome, shifted. Glimpsing the horizon so as to move beyond it, both geographically and spiritually.
The different forms of expression present in the book offer different means towards discovery and awareness – awareness of self, of the natural environment, of the tragic difficulties caused by war, by persecution, the endless, limitless beauty of a particular scenario.

It is only by moving away from the axis we normally exist along, by shifting in and out of our usual environment, that we are able to grasp the vision offered to us by nature and history. It is only by meandering through the folds of uncertainty that we can attempt – we can hope – to see.

Edited by: Giulio Malfer and Vinicio Stefanello
Texts: Nives Meroi, Giovanna Nicolatti, Erri De Luca, Marco Albino Ferrari, Vinicio Stefanello
Photos: Tashi Yangzom, Linda Abdul, Luca Vuerich, Klemen Gricar, Giulio Malfer
Visual Design: Giancarlo Stefanati
Photo Movie: Romano Benet
Published by: Montura Editing, Edizioni Stella

Year of publication: 2007