A huge number of photos, a small number of words. Mountains, rocks, vertical walls, or worse. Tensed, darting muscles, concentration written all over the climber’s face. Other faces, too, the faces of folk encountered along the way. People, or animals. Company. Cats, dogs, sheep, horses. And a tale or two, snapshots of life, real or imagined, portraits of men and landscapes, all part of recollections of a long career – on the up all the time – and reflections on Man and his surroundings, the environment that welcomes him, pushes him onwards and upwards, sometimes annihilates him.
Montura Editing devotes an original monograph to Maurizio Zanolla, better known as Manolo, a living legend of climbing and man of the mountains in every sense, as seen in his poetry and writings. Don’t expect information, accounts, technical details, epic summaries. All you’ll find here is the sensation of a life lived with eyes raised up towards the peak of both geography and spirituality. An existence to be perceived, explored, shared if you can. If you like.
“I go about things slowly. I want to get to know them, to understand them. To obtain my own vision of them. Then, when I finally see them, I feel they belong to me, too. I never fully understand them, but I sense they’re there.
Like the rock, which opened its arms to me immediately, drew me into its embrace like a mother with her child. I find the rock incredible. I remember the first rock faces, and the thrill they awakened in me remains alive. Sometimes I find myself below those overhangs once more, and nothing seems any different. For me, something has changed. I’ve left behind the fury of my twenties, and although my life is still running along at a fast pace, I sense that it’s different.  Yet my fingers are still reaching up towards the sky. Sometimes I delve right into the clouds, the details, the folds of the questions I ask myself. I abandon myself to them. Perhaps this is why I like to listen, to ask questions, to travel deep inside myself, almost right into my heart. I like to get there, seeking my own way. I get lost often too. But I ask no-one any questions, I ask myself no questions. I head off down the road through the woods, amid ideas, among the rock faces, accompanied by nothing more than a sensation…and often it’s the road that’s found me.” (Manolo)

Edited by: Giulio Malfer and Vinicio Stefanello
Texts: Manolo, Vinicio Stefanello, Giorgio Balducci
Photos: Tashi Yangzom, Oskar Piazza, Giulio Malfer
Visual Design: Giancarlo Stefanati
Published: Montura Editing

Year of publication: 2009