Alpine guides and sales agents. Students and sherpas. Plumbers and ice climbers. Marketing consultants and mountaineers. There are many faces to life, and there are (almost) as many faces in this book. As many pieces of clothing (more or less) as the trades and passions Man’s life is made of.
An unusual catalogue in some ways, an original, surprising look book, featuring the smiles and the (few) words of people for whom the mountain is a way of life as well as a sport; people for whom it’s a place to practise a hobby, above all, for fun, or out of a desire for knowledge, new experiences, new challenges.

"We are much more than we are able to imagine. We are our lives and everything from which we draw breath. We are our families, our friends and those we’d never wish to have around us. We’re made of our desires, those we cherish and those we don’t even realise we have. We find ourselves in the hands of the builder. In a pebble tossed up into the air. In the grooves traced by the artist. Our life turns around like the spanner in the hands of the mechanic. It’s as broad or narrow as the angles drawn by the surveyor. It slips into place like a button on a jacket. It’s as sharp as a nurse’s syringe. It has the smile of the knight in shining armour and the serious, furrowed expression of the teddy bear. We are the mountain beyond our reach and the summit we’ve just left behind". (Vinicio Stefanello)

Edited by: Giulio Malfer and Roberto Giordani
Texts: Vinicio Stefanello, Maria Luisa Nodari
Photos: Mauro Bole, Giulio Malfer
Visual Design: Giancarlo Stefanati
Published by: Montura Editing - Versante Sud

Year of publication: 2008