“When I was little, I used to spend ages watching ants, fascinated by their incessant coming and going, up and down with no apparent destination. Know what I mean? For an ant, a pebble is like a mountain. A piece of straw represents a barrier that requires effort to overcome, while the garden grass is a jungle. I used to love shrinking to their size, getting carried away into that little world of theirs. It reminded me of Gulliver’s adventures with the giants: sometimes I’d be the giant who used to trouble them or lend a hand, other times I’d be one of them escaping from a huge beast of an insect”. These are the reflections with which Vinicio Stefanello sets in motion this book, together with Cristian Brenna, from which there’s no going back.

Lots of stories, an impression here and there, a little poetry, loads of photos and faces of climbers, intent and concentrated, exhausted yet satisfied. Plus the places, the roads to reach them and climb, in continents old and new. A volume that encourages anyone leafing through it to reflect on the question eternally posed by the globe-trotters: what’s the purpose? The destination, the travel itself, or the climb?

Edited by: Giulio Malfer and Roberto Giordani
Texts: Vinicio Stefanello, Cristian Brenna
Photos: Giulio Malfer, Mauro Calibani, Marco Scolaris, Marco Malpezzi, Amanda Bellina, Giambattista Serioli, Cristian Brenna, Simone Moro
Visual Design: Giancarlo Stefanati
Published by: Montura Editing - Versante Sud

Year of publication: 2009