Ulan Bator - Mongolia

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The "A YURT FOR ALL" project is coordinated by David Bellatalla and the Mongolia Red Cross, and is aimed at single mothers with disabled children living in the Chingeltei district of the city of Ulan Bator (Mongolia).

The goal is to guarantee the children a home, security and medical assistance, and to support their mothers through their insertion in the world of employment, with a view to building self-reliance and self-sufficiency for the families.
Anthropologist David Bellatalla has undertaken several research projects in Centre and South America, Asia and Australia, and published numerous books, scientific articles and documentaries. After a period of teaching at UWA University in Perth (Western Australia), he moved to Mongolia to teach Cultural and Audio-visual Anthropology at the Mongolian National University in Ulan Bator. In 2013 he was awarded a Gold Medal by the Mongolian government and the Red Cross for his humanitarian activities and his work over more than 15 years to help the capital’s orphaned and abandoned children.

Montura Editing promotes the "A YURT FOR ALL" project by supporting the printing and distribution of the book Sull'Altopiano dell'Io Sottile and inviting readers to make an appropriate donation to the charity NEED YOU ONLUS. The book can be found in Alpstation stores and Montura sales points. All revenue from the distribution of the book goes to NEED YOU ONLUS.

Donations to "A YURT FOR ALL" can also be made in the following ways:

  • bank wire in favor of NEED YOU ONLUS, at Banca Fineco SPA, IBAN IT-06-D-0301503200000003184112 and with reason of payment "Contributo Progetto UNA GER PER TUTTI"
  • post wire in favor of NEED YOU ONLUS, Str. Alessandria 134 - 15011 Acqui Terme (AL), C.F. 90017090060, on the c/c n. 64869910 and with reason of payment "Contributo Progetto UNA GER PER TUTTI".


Montura Editing in collaboration with David Bellatalla

Book: Sull'Altopiano dell'Io Sottile (2016)

The previously unpublished journal of the Italian expedition to Western Tibet in 1933, written by Eugenio Gersi and accompanied by many original photographs of sites, monasteries and artworks which were completely destroyed during the Chinese invasion between 1951 and 1959.