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All the Alpstation stores ready for the promotion in collaboration with the prestigious cultural association of Trentino

Also for 2015 it's renewed collaboration between Montura and the great international event of contemporary art, in nature, of Trentino.

Arte Sella, which has its headquarters in Malga Costa, in Sella Valley (Borgo Valsugana), embodies perfectly the Montura spirit declined to art, well summarized in the new payoff of Montura Editing: Culture in Nature, with all the potential of multiple meanings that this simple phrase suggests

From ever the attention and the creative relationship of Montura with the environment, the elements and natural places, sea or mountains, are the hallmarks of the company. Achieve goals with style, passion and through an ongoing confrontation on the field, respecting nature and valuing the peculiarities of the places, making man and nature mutually protagonists and not antagonists, is what happens in marvellous meadows and forests of Arte Sella: an "appointment and an ongoing process" absolutely not to be missed, suitable for all people, of every kind and age, which takes place in various forms and cultural activities throughout the year.

To promote this extraordinary heritage of Trentino, Montura launches together with Arte Sella a national promotion campaign involving all Alpstation stores, where you can get the vouchers after a purchase that will be converted into free ticket at Malga Costa. Similarly, to all visitors of Arte Sella that deliver the voucher, will be given a discount of 15% to be used at all Alpstation.

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