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Mario Brunello for the music festival on the Trentino Dolomites

Great results for the 23th edition of “Sounds of the Dolomites”, the music festival on the Trentino Dolomites. After only one week from the start and after only 5 in 24 concerts, the famous itinerant festival on the UNESCO Dolomites highlights the success continuity with the past editions. During the next two weeks there are up to 20 scheduled music events, encouraging public and musicians to climb the smooth and green slopes at the bottom of Dolomites Walls to enjoy extraordinary landscapes and outstanding concerts.

Mario Brunello, an internationally well-known cellist, has just joined the festival art direction, after many years of participation as a talented musician. In this way, Brunello is not only in the position to play his extraordinary performance on the UNESCO Dolomites, but he contributes to increase the project awareness with his experience made of prestige, competences, relations and projects. From July 17th to July 23th Brunello, in collaboration with the prestigious Kremerata Baltica orchestra, creates a festival within a festival during the “Campiglio Special Week”, eight concerts in Val Rendena.
The key to the festival’s success is its willingness to seek out the most stunning venues. The concerts are not staged down in the valleys, with the cliffs and crags a distant backdrop: they’re up on the slopes – performed in lush Alpine meadows, or on the shores of remote mountain lakes. Usually, there’s a mountain refuge nearby, and a switchback road or cable car to take the sting out of the climb. But in most cases, audiences and musicians need to do a little walking to get there.
Once again, the 2017 edition of the Sounds of the Dolomites Festival will be sponsored by Montura. The affinity between the Festival and the sportswear brand springs from the common aim to search for new spaces and forms of expression, which, like in the Montura Editing projects, feature moments of confrontation and complicity on different levels of communication. A friendship springing from the experience of a common path towards art and the mountains.