Culture in nature, that is the great music in the extraordinary scenery of the Trento Dolomites

From July 2 to August 28, 2015

This time we start from the other side. About us:

«Even for the 2015 edition of I Suoni delle Dolomiti, we have the technical sponsorship of Montura. The affinity between the event and the sportswear brand's is based on the research of new shared spaces and forms of expression which, as it happens in Montura Editing projects, offer moments of confrontation and encounter between different levels of communication. A friendship born from the experimentation of the common journey towards art and the mountain».

All very true, especially considering the new pay off in Montura Editing - Culture in Nature - the culture in the nature, with the potential for multiple meanings hidden in the message, as in the case of music among the high altitude of the Alpine huts where usually run the concerts.

Similarly ARTE SELLA, the festival I SUONI DELLE DOLOMITI embodies the highest degree of Montura spirit declined to art, and it is for this reason that the company has decided once again to be on the side of one of the most beautiful and important cultural events all over the Italian territory.

Download the program >> I SUONI DELLE DOLOMITI