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During the signing of the Protocol between the Province of Trento and Coni

On 3 February 2015, the President of CONI Giovanni Malago and the President of the Autonomous Province Ugo Rossi have signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at the implementation of facilities and promotion of sports activities at the hall Sanbapolis of Opera Universitaria of Trento.

The agreement, which provides for a budget of 4.5 million Euros by the CONI in six years for the improvement of sports facilities, giving priority to the ski high level related to Olympic preparation, will launch the pilot project of Italian youth sport "Young Talents ... from Trentino in the Olympic Games of 2020".

Before the signing of the Protocol and the delivery of the merits, there was a meeting between the project staff Talents 2020 and the technical managers of the Federations involved in the project. The meeting was attended by Elio Locatelli for the Olympic Preparation and Secretary General of CONI Roberto Fabbricini. Montura supports young talents in the project "Talents 2020: The pilot project of Italian sport" since 2011 as technical sponsor. The presence qualification even more a project that aims at the national level the excellence of our territory starting from sport buidings, from research facilities related to the university from the CeRiSM as well as provincial health system.