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Big edition in Belluno with De Luca, Corona, Rumiz, Cederna, Mura, Giarolli and many other guests

Belluno becomes again the capital of mountain culture with an edition of Oltre le vette that it will remain in the annals of cultural events dedicated to the Highlands. For many years - we are at the 19th edition - the Belluno meeting was the counterpoint to the appointment number one in Italian culture of mountains, the Trento Film Festival. This year it will be again.

Many high-quality appointments and exhibitions. Leitmotif of this year is the Mythology of trees. In Oltrelevette.it site you can read all the details.

For us, close up, mostly affects the inaugural date, Friday, Oct. 2, when at the Municipal Theatre athletes Montura Gaetano Mura and Maurizio Giarolli, introduced by the artistic director Flavio Faoro, will talk together about the adventure of high-sea sailing, oceans and high altitude.

Rip-roaring day will be Saturday, Oct. 10, when before the screening of the film co-produced by Montura, Trees that walk, scheduled at 21, at the Municipal Theatre, at 18, friends Erri De Luca, Mauro Corona and Alberto Peruffo will talk about the necessity of "contrary word", presenting the eponymous book by De Luca and other insights drawn from the latest works of the Corona and the international literature. Everything in the vicinity of the judgment of 19 October that sees defendant Erri De Luca for NO TAV question.

Finally, do not miss the evenings with the Ragni di Lecco, Giuseppe Cederna on the work of Augusto Golin, Tiziano Fratus and our dear friend Paolo Rumiz.

Montura is among the sponsors of the event, together with the Trento Film Festival and Internazionale.