PEACE DRUMS 2.1 - European Routes, Appia and others

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ESYO, European Spirit of Youth Orchestra

An orchestry for Europe. Eighty young musicians from seventeen countries to promote European values. This year the topic is European Routes, to promote the value of freedom and fraternity against wall construction and to remind us people that emigrated for work opportunities, fear, pain, starvation, curiosity or love. With this purpose Paolo Rumiz, a journalist and writer, and Igor Coretti-Kuret, a violinist and conductor, created the Peace Drums project.

Associazione Scuola per Giovani Musicisti di Trieste (School Association for Young Musicians of Trieste) promotes the summer tour Peace Drums of the European Spirit of Youth Orchestra: eleven concerts - from July 27th to August 13th 2017 - where music and narrative merge to promote the universal values of peace and intercultural dialogue. The youth orchestra plays musics of Beethoven, Holst, Badelt, Zimmer and Respighi.

The European Spirit of Youth Orchestra

In twenty years of uninterrupted activity the youth symphony orchestra, created by Maestro Igor Coretti Kuret, has proven its validity which perfectly reflects some of the guiding principles of the European idea: to bring together people from European Countries in common endeavours, to focus on the young and the talented, to offer an intellectually stimulating environment and to present the European spirit of cooperation to the wide public at its best through its excellency, creativity, optimism, orientation towards the future and full appreciation of the musical heritage. Montura supports the ESYO Orchestra.

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