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Japan as hosted country, new poster and volunteer recruitment

The oldest international film festival dedicated to the mountains, adventure and exploration takes place in Trento from April 26th to May 6th. On February 7th during the official press conference the organization disclosed news and numbers of the 66th Trento Film Festival Edition.

Trento Film Festival has represented the point of reference on these subjects for more than sixty years, over time transforming itself into a genuine testing ground for visions and ideas on the highest lands on earth, embracing an ever increasing range of interests, including environmental and cultural issues and current affairs, making the festival environment and programme even more varied and stimulating.

During the festival there will be events, shows and movie selection dedicated to the hosted country, Japan. The new poster is a Philip Giordano art piece, who took inspiration from the hosted country to create it.

At the Trento Film Festival there will be the first proiection of Resina, a movie directed by Renzo Carbonera e supported by Montura and Trentino Film Commission.

The festival organizazion opened a volunteer recruitment.

Montura will be in the Montagnalibri show with the Montura Editing production and the last publishing projects. There will be new movies, books, athletes and testimonial.

Stay Tuned #MonturaPeople!