The zero edition of the 7DUNES Ultra Marathon in the United Arab Emirates

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Run on 7 dunes of 300 meters high in the Empty Quarter Desert

When the eminent Max Calderan announces a running project, UAE trail runners expect an epic endurance event: like the first 7DUNES Ultra Marathon. With routes set up for 10km and 65km runs somewhere near the Liwa desert, Qasr Sarab protected area, the  essence of the event centers on Max  uniting two seemingly divergent life style: UAE ultra trail runners and the desert bedouins traditions. 

Running the 7 DUNES Ultramarathon is an epic night event, and not just because of running sand dunes and sabkhas in darkness. Running in the moonlight of the Empty Quarter is like running on the dark side of the moon – much different than running on rocks in Dolomites a or at high elevation in Nepal. When you run the desert at night, there are so few landmarks to guide you – you just try to run straight to the lights of the 4x4s marking the turns.

At 04:00, a select group of 6 athletes and adventurers start on the Liwa desert, with only the light of a half moon to guide the way along the sand. You do not see where you are going at all, you do not have the luxury of selecting the most efficient route, you do not know what you are going to step on, you cannot even tell if you are running up or down a dune until your foot lands 7 DUNES 2017 was a  "zero edition" created to test the itinerary in order to get the feedback from the athletes in terms of emotions, technical details, beautiness of the environment.

Now we are ready to announce that 7/8 December 2018 you can be part of something really unique and exclusive. The First Official Edition of the 7 Dunes.

Event supported by the Main Sponsor Montura together with Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority and Abu Dhabi Sport Authority.