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For the fourth consecutive year Montura is the main sponsor of the Tour of the Giants

330 km - 24000m D + | 13 - 20 September 2015

For the fourth consecutive year, Montura – a leading Italian manufacturer of high-quality technical clothing for sports activities in the mountains – will be the main sponsor assisting the Organising Committee of the Tor Des Géants, an event whose values and aims Montura shares.

Thanks to its focus on popular traditions and mountain cultures for the protection and promotion of mountain areas, and its idea of sport as an example of value, respect and a demonstration of perseverance to reach targets set, Montura sees the Tor Des Géants – a long, enthralling journey through the giants of the Aosta Valley – not only as the most splendid, engrossing race on the mountain circuit, but an exemplary event deserving of attention year after year with a view to finding new communication solutions and finishes for clothing aimed at runners.

Montura has always supported the endeavours of mountaineers and athletes at national and international level, considering them partners in the search for new ideas designed to satisfy the needs of those who experience the mountain in all its aspects. This reliable partnership involves actively assisting those facing major challenges, such as the TDG. The company will have a staff of professionals following the event, in close collaboration with the TDG team, producing photos and videos to illustrate the race and the emotional, sporting and technical sides to the athletes’ performance and experience

The company is pleased to say that the Montura 2015 team has recently been joined by none other than Franco Collé, winner of last year’s Tor, born and bred in the Aosta Valley and one of the world’s top trail runners and ski mountaineers. His details can be found on the new website, together with plenty of other information on the varied, diverse world of Montura – ranging from nature and culture to people and products – and the spirit that fuels the company.

“The Spirit of the Tor reflects the Spirit of Montura”. Alessandra Nicoletti, race director and manager of the Organising Committee, couldn’t have been clearer in describing the increasingly close collaboration between the race and the Italian company.

“We chose Montura because its approach to the outdoors is different from the classic system marketing approach. Montura is a way of life, it’s an idea applied to the mountains, an idea that involves pushing limits and engaging with the marvellous nature every Tor des Géants athlete experiences first hand, a transformation the runners undergo during the huge effort the race requires, thanks to their sheer obstinacy and the exertion and dedication required to achieve their objective. This is Montura, and this is the philosophy underlying our collaboration and our shared vision and intent”.


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In the last three images you can recognize Christophe Profit (great  mountain climber from France), Bruno Brunod (great champion of mountain running), Franco Collé (winner of the TDG 2014)