A fundraising campaign of @eppela @stambeccodoro for the Gran Paradiso Film Festival

The 21st edition of the Gran Paradiso Film Festival is just around the corner.

The Festival, dedicated to nature-based cinema and created in 1984, is becoming more and more a collective and choral event, even in its organizational phase where you can participate with ideas and suggestions, as well as with its fundraising campaign.

One novelty is the increasing audience involvement also thanks to the crowdfunding initiative online on www.eppela.com until 14th February 2018 (discover more).

The crowdfunding is a way of financing project proposals and anyone can contribute to the achievement of an idea that he/she considers good and innovative. Nature and cinema enthusiasts, as well as the friends of the Festival, can therefore decide to actively take part in the realization of this edition receiving numerous rewards including the Montura GPFF t-shirt and the opportunity to live a two-day experience in the valley of Levionaz in Valsavarenche.

The Gran Paradiso Film Festival is for everyone, like the nature it is dedicated to.