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The literary prize celebrated at Parco Gambrinus on 18 November 2017 in San Polo di Piave (Italy)

Dedicated to those who love books, their territory and adventure. The literary prize in the name of Giuseppe Mazzotti is renewed every year in the splendid setting of Parco Gambrinus at San Polo di Piave (TV).

For the past thirty four years, on the third Saturday of November, culture has been exalted at San Polo di Piave. The Parco Gambrinus restaurant becomes a theatre which welcomes political and institutional guests, exponents of the worlds of literature, science, economy, journalism and communication, as well as an audience of scholars and enthusiasts from all over Europe. This year the prize-giving ceremony will start at 4.30 p.m. to award the winners of the three competing sections and the promising young writers of the Premio Juniores. There will certainly be some surprises. Many events and anecdotes have been linked to the Prize in its thirty four editions. Like the anonymous writer of a wonderful, extremely important book, who, it was discovered thirty years later, turned out to be a scientist from the former Soviet Union who managed to finally escape to Israel…

But this is part of the history of the Prize, the present will be celebrated at Parco Gambrinus on 18 November 2017.


  • The winner of the section “Mountain: culture e society” is “Paesi alti” of Antonio Bortoluzzi.
  • The winner of the section “Exploration – travels” is “L’ignoto davanti a noi. Sognare terre lontane” of Alessandro Vanoli.
  • The winner of the section “Finestra sulle Venezie, per opere riguardanti aspetti della civiltà, della cultura territoriale ed ambientale del mondo veneto” è “Lagunario” (Editrice Santi Quaranta, 2016) della giornalista e autrice veneziana Isabella Panfido.