Birth place
1 agosto 1984

Birth day

Daniele Molmenti is an Italian canoeist, specialized in testing the K1 slalom, which is the Olympic champion at the Games of the XXX Olympiad, London 2012.

He is part of the Gruppo Sportivo Forestale.
Daniel began practicing kayak slalom with Gruppo Kayak Canoa Cordenons in 1995 and turned professional in 2007 with the Gruppo Sportivo Forestale. Thus began his successful career witnessed by the prestigious palmares: 24 Italian titles (absolute and youth), 3 Europeans absolute, one World Cup, a World Cup and Olympic Gold in London 2012. He is the only canoeist that won everything possible.
In 2008, the year of the entrance in the Gruppo Sportivo Forestale, he qualified to the Olympic Games in Beijing and in the final he arrived tenth. Determined and stubborn as he is, in 2009 Daniele was on the hunt of revenge: he won the first ever European Championship in Nottingham, opening the road for the future successes.

In 2010: 1st in the ranking of the World Cup, the World Cup triumphs of Tacen, 2.5" before Vavrinec Hradilek.
In 2011, in La Seu d'Urgell (Spa), he won another European title and continues, meticulous as always, the preparation for the Olympics in London. In May, almost three months before the Olympic race, he centered the magical trio winning another European title in Augsburg (Ger). But the victory that will change his life arrives on 1 August 2012 when: on his 28th birthday, he won the gold at the XXX Olympiad in London, with a time of 93" 43, 2" before the Czech Vavrinec Hradilek and German Hannes Aigner. Then Daniel was chosen as the Italian flag bearer for the closing ceremony of the Games on August 12th.
The September 14th, 2013, he won gold at the World Championships in Prague in K1 Team.
Next target is the Olympics in Rio 2016: he has already planned the stages of approach: programming of three years 2014-15-16; workouts winter seasons in China, Dubai and Brazil; programming competitions ICF International in competitive period seasonal; intermediate targets: European titles, World Cup and World Cup rankings.