Davide Battistella began climbing in 1978 in the Apuan Alps, the Dolomites and hitting the classic mountain trails. But it was on the splendid cliffs of Muzzerone that he discovered his passion for sport climbing, outfitting and free climbing many challenging itineraries and kicking off the development and promotion of these walls from a new vantage point by having written four guidebooks of the area over the years. He studied medicine and surgery while progressing with his climbing and participated in his first sport climbing competitions at Bardonecchia between one exam and another – and with very satisfactory results. In time he became the coach for the National F.A.S.I. (Italian Sport Climbing Federation) Youth Team from which many internationally acclaimed athletes got their start.
He has been a national free climbing instructor for the CAI (Italian Alpine Club) since 1990 and has been part of the CAI Central School. He is an F.A.S.I. climbing instructor and an emergency physician for the Emergency Medical Services in Italy (118) as well as a physician for the CNSAS Italian National Mountain and Speleological Rescue Team. Davide is also a member of the Italian Federation of Sports Doctors and collaborates with the IMES Sports Engineering and Medical Centre in La Spezia.
He has participated in numerous rescue missions and maxi-emergency operations in inaccessible environments on both national and international levels. He offered his services in Sri Lanka in 2004 during the Tsunami crisis. He is an emergency healthcare trainer and is certified at the International Academy of Emergency Medical Dispatch BLS BLSD ACLS PHTLS.
Davide is also the Chairman of the Blu Verticale Sports Association in Muzzerone and has recently been elected to the F.A.S.I National Committee for the 2017-2020 Olympic four-year term. He is a physician for the National team and is on the training and preparation staff of the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI).