«Since my childhood I always enjoyed climbing on trees and rocks, in the heights I have always found inner peace. When I was 14 I completed my first climbing route, a classic one in the Penyon de Ifach (Alicante). I enjoyed so much the experience that climbing becomes the axis of my life.

In 1997, in the middle of my teenage years, I lose my right leg in a road accident. For a moment I thought that my life had changed but my mind continued to dwell in the rocks. Thus I returned to them, to become a learner again, to train and to sacrifice for that which I love the most until I achieved dreams which I thought were impossible to achieve. In summer 2009 I get to overpass the barrier of grade 8a, something unthinkable for someone in my condition. This achievement opens me new horizons, since then progression and constant improvement are my pursuit. Which is the maximum difficulty grade that can be accomplished with one leg? Time and the rock have the answer. In 2010 I start to compete in paraclimbing championships, winning several difficulty world championships, one block world championship, European championship, Spanish championship and even the Arco Rock Legend 2014».

2010-2015 Paraclimb World Champion

2014 Arco Rock Legend

2015 Real Orden al Mérito Deportivo

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