Viviana Maffei was born in Rovereto in the province of Trento on November 12 1971 and is mother to Gabriele and Luca. Hers is a life connected with the mountains and ski mountaineering from birth, but above all it is a continuous quest over the years for innovative ski materials that could reconcile a good performance on the ascent, with high satisfaction and enthusiasm on the descent in particular.
After having lived for a long time in Rovereto, working for many years as a secretary, Viviana now manages the long-established family guest house Locanda Itinerande together with Antonella Bellutti. The inn, serving vegan food, is to be found in the village of Andogno in the Giudicarie Valleys, and is suited to all enthusiasts of sport, solitude and relaxation.

For further information visit The website, managed by Viviana  and Antonella, features summaries of all their trips, told through the emotions linked to ski mountaineering, freeriding, rock climbing, mountain biking and trekking.

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