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Max Calderan is the king of the desert. At forty he has already crossed the most insidious and impracticable deserts of the world, surviving in extreme conditions.
Without medical assistance and in complete loneliness, carrying a backpack with only the strictly necessary, this explorer has overcome every known limit, beginning with the first one that every day prevents us from being truly free: fear, the belief that we cannot do it, that we are powerless.The Force Within is much more than the testimony of a man who crosses deserts, pushing his body beyond its limits. It is a journey into our consciousness and our faith, through our conditionings and daily enslavements, searching for our inner strength.Because each of us, each day of our life, has his destiny to face.
Max Calderan started his sports career with climbing and skiing. Today he calls himself an extreme desert explorer.
Being awarded a Civil Merit Medal by the President of the Republic of Italy, he won the National Championship of Military Pentathlon and graduated in Physical Education with honors. After working as manager of a multinational pharmaceutical company, he decided to be a full time explorer, not after having first faced a very difficult time in his personal life.
Max Calderan works as a professional sports consultant , Mental Coach & Sport Trainer in the United Arab Emirates.Corporate benefit from his motivational and inspirational speeches.
In 2014, the Qatari Al-Jazeera broadcasting station dedicated a special documentary about him and broadcasted it worldwide.

-He has run 90 hours never stopping covering 437 km in Oman following the ideal line of Tropic of Cancer.
-He's run 360 km in 75 hours across  Oman's deserts in summer time with temperature +58 C.
-He's run in EGYPT 148 km 23 h  opening a totally new off road track, now passable by the bedouins.
-He's run in EGYPT 250 km 49 h, fasting during Ramadan 2013 followed by Al jazeera Documentary team.
-He's run 100 km in 24h no drinking - no eating at all in summer in Liwa desert U.A.E. with temperature +55 degrees.