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Redrawing the line between the possible and the impossible

After Change (2014) and Dawn Wall (2016) Adam Ondra has just started a new and challenging climbing project. Known as Project Hard and located in Flatanger, the renowned Norwegian cave that hosts some of the most difficult routes on the world, it would become the first 9c graded route. Ondra has already the world record since he climbed Change (9b+).
Despite of a high number of high performance climbers and technology progress in tools and materials, the 9b difficulty class has been lasting for more than 20 years. Project Hard’s playoff is new beginning, as it not only redraws the line between the possible and the impossibile, but it develops new training approaches, both physical and mental.
Adam has been training for months in Norway with friends and trainers and each session brings him closer to finish the route.
Stay tuned on Adam’s facebook page to be updated on Project Hard.