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Two weeks before departure to Australia

The world of Italian sailing and Montura are proud to follow Enrico Zennaro in the trip to Australia scheduled the first week of December. The skipper from Chioggia - one of the best athletes-strategists of Italian sailing contemporary - will lead the Lino Sonego Team Italy, in the final act of the prestigious Extreme Sailing Series circuit.

Along the way Enrico has become skipper of the only Italian team protagonist in the international event, after an extraordinary season that saw him successfully face the transition to the world of multihulls and foils, as well as receive satisfaction in deep-sea and the monotype competitions .

Let's hear what he tells us Zennaro, shortly before departure:

"I have lived 2015 on full Extreme: a project at the last minute, that after an initial phase of learning has given me great satisfaction, as the second place in St. Petersburg, the fourth of Istanbul and the success of Trieste, an event invalid for the circuit but connected to the Barcolana. A project very tiring, that I was almost totally occupied, with long journeys to get places like Singapore, Oman, China, England, Germany, Russia, Turkey and, of course, Australia."

Good luck to our athlete: we will follow him with great interest in real time looking at Extreme Sailing Series.