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From April 7 to May 5 the new expedition by Gruppo Grotte Brescia

Matteo Rivadossi, athlete Montura, testimonial and reference for new Alpstation Brescia, started as leader of the new speleological expedition in the Philippines organized by the Gruppo Grotte Brescia "Corrado Allegretti" and by the Odissea Naturavventura.

From April 7 to May 5 with 13 Italian and Slovenian cavers will operate on two different karst areas of the island of Samar: karst of Calbiga and karst of Gandara.

The main objectives will be two different junctions spelosubacque. Starting from Cabiga they try to connect the complex Borabot-Bito-Camparina Ludi Cave (8 km) with the famous and cyclopean Langun-Gobingob Cave (6 km and contains one of the largest rooms in the world, 280 x 140 m); while going to the north, near the village of Barruz (5 hours of navigation on the river from Gandara), they will attempt the junction between the bombastic Male-ho (8 km and passed from 2-3 cubic meters/sec) with the vast complex of Sulpan Cave (13 km, third cavity for development of the Philippines), which in 2011 was already connected to the source of a beautiful diving by Gigi Casati.

Parallel to the elite diving, they will proceed in achieving and exploration of some gigantic sinkholes identified by studying topographical maps in the basin of the River Basey (in the south of Samar), both in the area of Matuguinao (in the north-west of Samar).

Information, details and travelogue on the site of the Gruppo Cave Brescia and FB page by Alsptation Brescia.