Anna Torretta - athlete Montura and Mountain Guide - Sunday to Courmayeur with Angelika Rainer and Linda Cottino

Great female trio planned for the conference next Sunday in the enchanting atmosphere of the Jardin de l'Ange in Courmayeur.

Sunday, August 17 at 21:15 Anna Torretta, Angelika Rainer and Linda Cottino will meet to talk about "Mountains, rock climbing, trekking an all-female."

The strong Italian climber is returning from the recent South American adventure with Cecilia Buil. The public will expect some preview images of the new ice routes made ​​with the Spanish climber in the Chilean Andes.

Event not to be missed: to support the athlete Montura there will be Angelika Reiker, the young champion of Merano, and Linda Cottino, one of the most influential female voices in the field of mountaineering history and journalism related to the mountain.