A precious interview to our testimonial during the Adventure Outdoor Fest 2015

Nives Meroi never ceases to fascinate for clear thinking and consistency of path as a mountaineer and a woman of great physical and moral strength, with numerous ascents in the Alps under her belt, 12 eight-thousanders and above all an unbreakable bond with her life partner and climbing. In presenting her latest book - I'm not letting you wait - published by Corbaccio, Nives tells the story about the illness of her husband Romano Benet, which began and ended around Kangchenjunga, the third highest mountain on Earth, giving us some thoughts simple and important. The interview during the Adventure Outdoor Fest this year, just published, is absolutely to listen. Here we have gathered some memorable passages, with a great insight final:

"It took five years to close the circle of this story. [...]
It is a path that came about by chance, started from the Alps, from our mountains and has started just for fun, that is, with the desire, curiosity and the joy of moving in nature and therefore experience themselves inside the natural environment. In our case, the mountain [...]
In Himalayas, the mental part is key. [...]
By listening to the messages that the body sends you [...] to try to eliminate everything that is superfluous in mind, to focus on yourself, that are moving into an environment that is not natural for life [...]
I never try to climb over my limits, but arrive very close to they and try to ensure that they are not a wall to break through, but a gap to open".

© Nives Meroi interview - Adventure Outdoor Fest 2015