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Primiero, Totoga, Yosemite and Indian Creek to continue to dream, climbing

December 2014. Our strong athlete Riccardo Scarian wrote to us and tell his year.

«The various projects in Dolomites, that I put on stand by the previous year, will have to wait until next summer. I hope for a less monsoon season!
Between a shower and the other, I had to settle to go climbing by crag. The fun and satisfaction were still rewarded with beautiful climbs, including the repetition of La Suerte, a fantastic route, 40 meters 8c / +, in Zuza area, a small but interesting crag of Primiero Valley.

Another beautiful climb was a repetition of the hardest route of Totoga, Cani sciolti, a beautiful plaque, more than 40 meters!, 8b.

Considering the endless moisture accumulated during the summer, I decided to look for a warm and dry autumn, and my wet bones have suggested West of the United States! Here I spent 35 days with my friend Paul.

The first 15 days we spent in the Yosemite where after a short acclimatization we climbed the Regular Northwest Face of Half Dome.
The remaining days we enjoyed in the buckets and wonderful deserts of Indian Creek (Utah), paradise of the cracks to be protected and Joshua Tree (California).

With beautiful climbs with breathtaking scenery and beautiful climbs in view of Annunaki and Let'er Buck both at Indian Creek».

What to say to Richard in front of the beautiful pictures he sent?

Successful end of year and good 2015, full of experiences, regardless of the weather!