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Kamana Expedition Blog | Sailing From West to East in North America

The Kamana Family is finally complete with the arrival of Giulia and little Kai, wife and son of the Captain, and their adventure buddies Davide and Anna Serra with their four children: Sofia, Tommaso, Anita and Filippo.
For six years Davide and Anna have been promoting and supporting the Kamana project and joining the Tettamanti family in the exploration of the most extreme parts of the planet. Travelling from the tropics to the poles never ceases to be a valuable opportunity to grow and learn for the whole family.
kamana expeditionToday we stay at anchor to give the pack ice, still in high concentrations, time to melt. We decide use the time to the discover of Cambridge Bay and the surrounding area. An Inuit family with 5 children aged 13 to 4 invite us to their cabin in the country, right at the foot of Mount Pelly.  It’s a one hour journey on 3 quad bikes at 2 pick-ups, crossing lunar landscapes dotted with lakes. Not a single tree, not a single shrub, it’s the true Tundra!
After a welcoming Caribou Stew, heated on the open fire, we begin the ascent of Mount Pelly with little Kai happily sitting on Daddy Enrico’s back in a traditional Inuit carrier.
We head back towards Plum during the everlasting arctic sunset, in time to celebrate the Captain’s Birthday with Lasagne and Cake made by Mafio!

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