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The new route on Mount Fibbion brings back to Toblino Gorge

For his 50 years Rolando Larcher makes a great gift not only to himself, opening a wonderful line on the east face of Mount Fibbion, but also to all of us by giving a tale that reveals the incredible story hidden behind the enigmatic title assigned to the route: 50 years flown by, 25 years a gift.

The new route - 215 meters, 8a + max, 7b obl., opened and freed with Herman Zanetti, Luca Giupponi and Alessasanro Larcher, in the Campa Group on the Brenta Dolomites - it marks not only the great activity by the Trentino climber who reached the threshold of 50 years of age, but also 1/4 of a century, the mid of his age, from a miraculous lob - big as the years! - that makes still have Rolando here with us ...

What happened 25 years ago in the Gorge Toblino? Here's the story. Really extraordinary, in all respects.
You find a complete gallery on the personal profile of Rolando Larcher.
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The header photo is by Giampaolo Calzà.
All other photos are by Archive Rolando Larcher.
In the last two shots, the characteristic shape of a bear on the summit ridge of Mount Fibbion.