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The great tradition of TRENTINO athletics supported by Montura

Tuesday, September 2nd, great day of athletics with the "Palio della Quercia City", an international meeting that the 2014 edition is 50 years old and it has seen in the historic track at the Stadium of Rovereto champions and young people who have made ​​the history of world athletics.

The appointment is Tuesday afternoon from 17.30 when athletes will start the first of the 42 nations participating in the "Palio".

By following this link all the information.

From here the remarkable palmares of international level athletes who have made the Palio della Quercia one of the most important Italian sport event and the Athletic Quercia Rovereto one of the strongest in the national athletics.

Worth noting as well the photographic exhibition opened on past Thursday (see photo on the left) at the Urban Center in Rovereto, exhibition that traces the 50-year history of the event.