Change or bust.
If you’re not able to recognise and deal with changes to slopes and surfaces, you won’t make progress. You’ll get left behind.
Change: a new route carved out in the Flatanger cave in Norway, with the highest difficulty level ever climbed to date: 9b+. 
Change: a film produced by Montura, illustrating a journey to the place where the young climber, fresh out of school, seeks new life experiences. And finds the inspiration to reach the very peak of international climbing.

Change: above all, a range of clothing derived from the combination of two extraordinary experiences: the adventure on the rock face of Adam Ondra, one of the greatest young climbers alive, coupled with the design and technology developed by a company that boasts a long tradition of using its resources and knowledge to produce increasingly innovative, high-performance clothing.

This winning combination allowed Adam’s advice and supervision – the range bears his signature – to help develop a young collection, perfect for bouldering, exceptionally comfortable and practical, featuring a whole series of details that take this kind of apparel up to heights never seen before.