Workframe is the Montura division focusing on technical work.
The project is based and centred on understanding the difficulties and meeting the needs of those for whom the Mountains and Nature are not only a way of life, but also a way to earn a living. This is why the division’s research involves direct cooperation with leading mountain entities, organisations and technical-operational services: Workframe equipment is aimed at those who carry out technical and healthcare rescue services, aerial work, helicopter rescue, rope operations and acrobatic work in exposed conditions.

The driving force behind Montura Workframe is the team of technical specialists created within the division right from the early days and continually organised and strengthened since: qualified, certified professionals with years of experience, in charge of innovative projects devised thanks to their practical experience, to meet specific technical and operational requirements.

This is what sparked the Montura Workframe “revolution”, involving the design and crafting of special ergonomic clothing, as well as assiduous, driven research to obtain particular solutions and materials, patented and certified, for mountain and action professionals.