New product lines

The classic golf movement is called the “Swing”, and this is MONTURA’s response to a growing demand among practitioners of the sport for a way to protect themselves from bad weather without resorting to technical garments which hamper movement.
This new product has been developed over the past few years by selecting the best raw materials and designing a garment in line with the company’s tagline, “the ergonomic equipage”, while also drawing on information gathered at the top, from the advice of professionals and the collaboration of Gigi Camurati, one of the world’s Top 100 World Clubmakers in 2015.

Once completed, the “Swing Jacket” immediately proved to be extremely supple and high-performing. But only trials on the course could give the final outcome. And for this, the world’s best Clubmaker was invited to lay all doubts to rest through a session with Trackman (golf’s eco-radar analysis tool par excellence) to test the new product.
As Gigi Camurati emphasises, the result was “incredible”: MONTURA has scored a hole in one with a model that fills a gap in this market segment. The tool confirmed the absence of any impediment to the swing while wearing the new garment.

Golf is an Olympic discipline and one of the most commonly-practised open-air sports in the world, in some countries the most popular sport, widely played from childhood. Many players already use various MONTURA garments on the golf course, but now they can count on something that’s truly special: in terms of movement, it’s like wearing nothing, but at the same time like having a second skin, warm and protective, against the weather conditions that can disrupt or spoil the activity.
The “Swing Jacket”, then, is the first product in a new MONTURA line, a garment that’s amply illustrated in the dynamic video produced by Taurus Channel (link). The jacket will be previewed at the golf industry’s largest international event, the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando (Florida) from 23 to 26 January 2018.
“Searching a new way”: this is the spirit of MONTURA; research linked to style, identifying needs and interpreting dreams. From now on, in the great universe of golf too.