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March 16, 2015.

Launch of the tender notice for support the realization of unconventional travels within the project FuoriRotta, aimed at identifying projects developed on free itineraries,  preferably unpublished and accompanied by a strong motivation for research and knowledge of the place, people and points of view other than the socio-cultural, economic and landscape of the proposer.

Matteo Calore, Simone Falso e Andrea Segre - creators and protagonists of the first pilot trip to Kazakhstan - consider essential now more than ever to emphasize the centrality of the trip as an experience of knowledge of the other, such as contamination of the points of view and how to open the borders .

The project FuoriRotta was born to open a debate on the rights to travel in a time of great contradiction between global communications on the one hand and increased border on the other. After the first experience of the authors now opens the way for other young travelers, of any nationality. Aged between 18 and 30 years.

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