Start the photographic anthropological expedition by Giovanni Marrozzini

Amazzonia. Alle sorgenti del mito

It started on September 30th the journey of photographer from the Marches Region in Italy, Giovanni Marrozzini. His objective is the collection of documentary material to build a connection between the ancient legends of the natives of the Amazon River and the daily life that takes place nowadays long the path leading to its source.

Building a relationship between these two realities will offer a broader view of the whole Amazon cosmos, a narrative foothold to better understand the myths of creation that have always been part of our imagination and whose origin is hidden under the twilight of the forest and the river, between the known and the unknown, between ancient anthropological roots and sudden movements that only travel can give.

To do this Giovanni Marrozzini has decided to undertake a reverse journey, from the mouth to the source, so that the river will be always present and with movements possibly irreversible, without backtrack.

The expedition - composed of a few collaborators of the photographer - starts from Belem in Brazil with the aim of achieving, after 7000 km of development, the Nevado Mismi in Peru, the mountain of 5597 meters by volcanic origin located in the south of the Peruvian Andes, on wich glaciers was identified the most remote source of Amazon River.

The trip will be divided into three parts, from 30th September to 30th November:

  1. Belem - Manaus
  2. Manaus - Triple Border - Iquitos
  3. Iquitos - Nevado Mismi

"I will go in search of stories with interviews and photographs working in color or in black&white trying to give both the same power but with a distinctive stylistic approach: the classic reportage in color, portraits in black&white" - told Giovanni few days before leaving.

Near Manaus our photographer will be a guest at a indium community Dessana composed by 35 natives, led by spiritual leader Kissibi, one of the few genuine shamans in the area.

Montura decided to follow this fascinating photographic anthropological expedition supporting qualified photographer from the Marches, famous for reports and photographs of great civil commitment that brought him to the attention of national and international public with exhibitions and publications of great artistic and documentary value.

We like to emphasize the great cultural creativity of Marrozzini, in particular the recent project PAROLAMIA.

Thus explains the photographer: "I have a large archive result of ten years of photography invested around the world. What I want to do now is swapping. Swapping tales with stories. To do so, I propose the exchange of three books (literature, anthropology, history...) with one of my photographs, each accompanied by a review written by a signing authority in the world of photography and literature". All this to give his children a library, a collection of experiences to help they to orient themselves in life.

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To follow step by step the journey AMAZONIA: WHERE THE LEGEND BEGINS we will update the pages of dedicated to the project, from this page where we will collect the episodes' links.

Beside a PORTFOLIO of author. The first image comes from the Amazon River.