Castelluccio c'è

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Castelluccio c'è is a charity event organized by the Comitato Regionale FIE Umbria in collaboration with Montura on July 16th in Perugia Province.

The organizers scheduled a day hike across the amazing field landscapes of Norcia and Castellucio, two villages strongly damaged from an earthquake in 2016. This land is famous for the summer flowering and the organizers expect it already visible during the walk.

Castelluccio c'è agenda:

  • 16th July - meeting point in Norcia at 6:45 am,
  • from Norcia a group drive to Scentinelle, where a car park is available,
  • walk to Castellucio (10 km),
  • lunch organized by Pro Loco di Castelluccio and local businesses with a charity lottery,
  • 3 pm return hike.

The proceeds from the raffle will be donated to the reconstruction project.

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Photo Credits: Tomassini Barbara