Editorial by Roberto Mantovani

Finally, here we are in cyberspace, with a brand-new website: a project that brings together a range of different skills and is in line with the Montura philosophy of searching a new way.
In the months leading up to the countdown, we found ourselves looking out onto an electronic landscape suspended mid-way between real and virtual. To find our way through the complexities of the virtual world, rather than using topographical maps and GPS, we had to rely on our knowledge of cyber geography. Years ago, we had occasion to read the novels of William Gibson, which illustrated the complex scenarios of the internet, a universe whose tentacles envelop the whole planet with its flashing lights, a never-ending network of electrons, of interconnecting magnetic fields. The most thrilling of Gibson’s chapters were a revelation. Later, we spent long nights poring over the fundamental work Atlas of Cyberspace, by Martin Dodge and Rob Kitchin. Finally, we busied ourselves with constructing conceptual and topological maps to make our way towards a horizon that some describe as a harbinger of gloomy Orwellian presages featuring Big Brother and others welcome with open arms for its liberating, and libertarian, potential.
In any event, our dreams have changed little. We believe the importance of the technological side of the internet lies in its ability to throw open the doors of a field of society in which all subjects interact on the same level: it has been clear for some time now that electronic discussion is intrinsically democratic, and that it makes it difficult to monopolise debate.
Thus, we have developed a spatial module for surfing – the new Montura website – which we believe should be judged for how useful it is, not for its eye-catching appearance. The multimedia development set to accompany us along our way will be a consequence of the debate and the reflections we’ll be trying to give rise to all together: the editorial staff, our ambassadors in their areas, and readers. In any case, we see the website neither as a purpose nor as an end in itself. It is simply a means of communication, adapted to keep pace with the times.
Within the network formed by our electronic pages, we’ll be imagining new scenarios and horizons together, developing new ideas and analyses, threading the content together with inspiration and imagination. We’ll be clear and rigorous, with a very British approach, steering clear of gossip and the never-ending idle chatter that seeps from every pore of the Web.
Our project is to deal a new deck, to offer original angles on issues and events, through first-hand news and information, and above all to enrich and breathe new life into a collective imagination that is slowly withering away. We aim to create a workshop of ideas able to produce tools designed for different cultural approaches to information (today communication abounds, but information is thin on the ground), and at the same time, we’ll be attempting to raise the expectations and demands of users interacting with the various sections of the website. What lies ahead of us is a fun experience, with a serious commitment underlying it – during which none of those involved, not even our occasional followers, will ever be able to say: «J’ai travaillé pour le roi de Prusse» (I worked for the king of Prussia), i.e. for nothing.