The source of Amazon river

Amazzonia. Alle sorgenti del mito

02/29/2016 -

A woman stares at me with wide eyes. She is clearly surprised by my awakening, so surprised that I remember she turned very sharp bending her head and shoulders as if was protecting a secret or showing a simple embarrassment. Wonderful, and unexpected, the landscape knocks on the window several times, but the woman is still there, fixed, rather motionless, ...she will not open to anyone. The road that I find looking down looks like a film unfolded with the marks of so many stories of passage: braking, cracks, crosses, written and saints. The colors gradually reach all shades of brown, up to that particular brown, a seared color that we know lives only up here.The air is thin and the road that we leave behind is immediately hidden by the black smoke of our engine and curve after curve we seem to lean on the mountain and ask its help.

Unexpected, we start a decisive descent and I, touched, see a small country that I know to be Chivay. To the left I imagine the Nevado Mismi and its 5,597 meters. I guess because it is hidden by clouds of steam by a recent storm. It will prove slowly, scaling and climbing on its steep walls without paths and tracks, only altars of prayer. The guide runs quickly, jumping from rock to rock as if he wanted to keep them in balance. The air is getting thinner, and weighs down the sky up there, where for many years I believed there was a paradise, and now almost see the blue dissolve and become azure, while I getting closer. I drink all the time, forced to deal with the pain, a pain that, step by step, is becoming stronger and endurable, endurable because I am going to realize the umpteenth dream. I see the top and, in two hours, I'll be drinking the source of this magical river.Today it will be born another beautiful memory. Thank you!

Chivay, 2016 Peru

Photo 1: On the way to Chivay, left the Volcano Nevado Mixti.
Photo 2: On the way to Chivay.
Photo 3: Chivay.
Photo 4: Herd of alpacas, Nevado Mismi.
Photo 5: Shepherdess among her alpacas herd, Nevado Mismi.
Photo 6: Nevado Mismi, at 5000 m.
Photo 7: Nevado Mismi, at 5200 m.
Photo 8: Summit of Nevado Mismi, at 5597 m.
Photo 9: From the summit of Nevado Mismi.
Photo 10: The Ande Guide while descending from the summit of Nevado Mismi
Photo 11: The source of the Amazon River, Nevado Mismi, 5200 m.