From shaman to shaman, from father to son

Amazzonia. Alle sorgenti del mito

10/27/2015 -

In Amazon, the magic returns a vision of nature and the world that belongs to us since forever. Dormant energy, impossible to forget, like a root that lives in the depths of our history. We are.

Raimundo Kissibi (Pajé) and his son Regis Myrupu are two indigenous of Dessana tribe. The term Pajé (shaman) is taken from the language geral, common to the whole region of Vaupés (border between Colombia and Brazil in the upper Rio Negro) where Kissibi Regis and his son lived for years along with their family. Now they living in São João do Tupé (Manaus).

Regis tells stories that touch the heart.
He tells of indium Dessana that are divided into categories, the second of which they themselves belong. He says that there are spiritual weapons capable of killing people, oh how the shaman can be embodied in different animals; he tells of powerful poisons obtained from plants and animals, of herbal and medicinal bark, tree of bread and water. He tells of Ayahuasca, demons, invisible creatures, dreams and visions.

Listening Regis, time loses its linear logic, a moment after the other, but it's charged with a profound nature linked to the importance of ''event. "
I'm a witness to a ritual in which Raimundo Kissibi transmits to his son Regis the last teaching to become a Pajé (shaman).
I see them arrive with feather headdress of Arara, necklaces with caiman's teeth, sacred spear maraca (stick with rattles). Their faces are adorned with paintings depicting sacred animals. In the face of all this I feel sudden all my inadequacy.

The ritual lasts less than an hour. With precise gestures and movements are "open" all spiritual doors, from east to west, from north to south. Kissibi lights his pipe and smoke, first in the face, then in the ears and on the body of Regis. They both drink the powerful Ayahuasca. Eyes turn red while the bodies, sweating, seem in a trance, on the border between parallel dimensions. The heat gives way to silence.
Kissibi: "I am happy," with voice broke, continuing through tears "... I'm glad to see realized the desire of my life, transmit to my son Regis all my knowledge ... Today is a special day."

Today: October twenty-seven two thousand fifteen. Regis is still as a statue as soon discovered. To stop the tears I see him frantically blinking and tighten several times the eyes ... tears flow well and unstoppable on the furrowed face,  coloring itself of red, and fall to the ground. A shaman is born but kept also the man.
Father and son, both moved, cry hugged.
I too am moved and happy I choose to not  take "The Photo".

The heart does not wonder evidence of its existence, the heart feels and feels itself, trembling.

São João do Tupé, Brasil 2015

Photo 1 Header: Raimundo Kissibi prepares his pipe with holy smoke
Photo 2 and Header: Raimundo Kissibi blows the holy smoke to son Regis
Photo 3: Regis Mirupu