Dreams and passions on the Rio Solimões

Amazzonia. Alle sorgenti del mito

10/30/2015 -

Houseboats on the Rio Solimões flaunt faded colors. Strands of wires with hanging clothes to dry on the water. From 1pm up to 3pm you do not see anyone, as if no one is for real. Through the open windows even the shadow of a shadow, as if the equator had denied to things and people all projections. At this time, the sun does not give escapes, and shadow is the only illusion that counts. It is a small harbor. A stop. Fonte Boa.

A trip on these waters digs in the people that do it. I can not see the bottom of the river, I feel compelled to seek transparency in other places, first distant, then closer, so close to get to me. The banks of the river almost touch each other and the boat looks like a small nut shell hold between two grips of green. They create a pressure and I feel all. The banks suddenly playing to be a sea, then, at night, they forget it and become no longer visible. I have already got home, I talk with my wife and play with the kids... a length of time that sleep can not quantify, happiness! At night, still wearing the signs of a smile, a shallow wakes me up, the boat slows down, back off, raises slime and small woods, swinging and dragging slowly, again leaves and goes away. I sleep near myself.

The river cradles so well that morning comes as a condemnation, I wake up and I realize that someone in the boat still dreams to be saved, as it is rolled up under a lifesaver. When the trees grow too near the clouds, it seems that the landscape collapses on itself and it will be punished from the river and dragged away. The river retreating itself, down the stairs, and the land on the banks, leaves small terraces. To those are added real wooden stairs that the natives (that I do not see) use to get to the small canoes, anchored. Canoes seem attached to poles of various lengths that encircle them like prisons. Occasionally we meet families on small motor boats: some follow the current, some challenge it, opposed speeds that seem flee each other; it wins who runs away for real.

Rio Solimões, Brasil 2015

Photo 1: Porto di Fonte Boa sul Rio Solimões
Photo 2 e Header: Rio Solimões
Photo 3, 4, 5: Rio Solimões
Photo 6: Porto Marina do Davi-Manaus