Life on the indigenous reserve Kokana-Fonteboa

Amazzonia. Alle sorgenti del mito

11/01/2015 -

The canoe makes water on all sides and the water must be continually thrown back into the river. Fear.
Between fear and the other pass many perfumes. Between a perfume and the other comes the smell of rain, but it's not raining and will not rain: suggestion by feet wet.
I continue to spill the water. It is strange to see the edges of the canoe to the same level of the river; I fail to look away from the bag, from cameras and from my feet ... feet? Stress.

Quiet... Giovanni, I tell myself, quiet! Rather than whining of the remote possibility of ending up in the water and then be attacked and swallowed by some strange reptile, I tell myself: look at the face of China (my native Kokane guide), his face looks good, he's quiet, he is smiling. Yes, he is smiling, smiles of my paranoia, it is clear. I try to calming me down as he continues to smile.

Earth! A kind of camp with fishing nets, clothing, cookware and accessories. It looks like the edge of Gypsy camp. We move now beginning a journey on foot over several tree trunks placed on the floor. One behind the other create a kind of path. Walking on the trunks is nice because it's very Indiana Jones except that I'm not Indiana Jones.

Finally we arrive. It is a wooden platform supported by poles (always in wood) driven into the bottom of the terrain. A stilt house. Upon entering, I see three units. I see a young woman with a little girl frightened. I see toys and dolls on the wall. I see a mirror, I look, and I move for seeing me anymore. I see a hammock with someone above it. It swings.

Everything changes quickly, turning me around I have the impression of being somewhere else. Another part, another house, stilts also this.
We enter. China makes his way followed by his silent wife and always covered with an enormous hat. I do not see her nor imagine. When she discover herself, she it is just in front of the fire for cooking. There are two girls. There are two girls and a chick. There are two girls a chick and two hammocks. There are two girls a chick two hammocks and a fire. There is a family. There are. Peace..

Fonteboa, Brasil 2015

Header: Young mother with her daughter Kokana Indigenous reserve Kokana-Fonteboa
Photo 1: China, indigenous Kokana in the stretch of river that leads to Lake Ressaca-Fonteboa
Photo 2: Fisherman canoe. Lake Ressaca-Fonteboa
Photo 3: Indigenous reserve Kokana-Fonteboa
Photo 4 China, Kokana indigenous
Photo 5: Indigenous reserve Kokana-Fonteboa
Photo 6: House of farmers Indigenous reserve Kokana-Fonteboa
Photo 7: Kitchen Indigenous reserve Kokana-Fonteboa
Photo 8: Internal Indigenous reserve Kokana-Fonteboa
Photo 9: Little Kokana indigenous Indigenous reserve Kokana-Fonteboa
Photo 10: Working area set up near the Rio Solimões Indigenous reserve Kokana-Fonteboa
Photo 11: Kokana children play in the Rio Solimoes