Ferrara Internazionale Festival 2019

In the historic center of the beautiful city the unmissable event returns with the prestigious magazine and guests from all over the world. For three days, Montura will also be the protagonist, with events dedicated to culture, sport, travel and solidarity. From Friday to Sunday Ger and Montura Editing stand in Piazza Trento e Trieste. To all visitors, a free copy of the book "A year with the readers of Internazionale".

Friday 4th meeting with the participants of the "FuoriRotta" competition at the Faculty of Law.
Saturday 5th awards ceremony of the WARS competition, with Mauro Corona and Fausto De Stefani. In the afternoon David Bellatalla presents "The thousand faces of the shaman", with music by Luciano Bosi and calligraphies by Bruno Gripari.
From Friday to Sunday in Piazza Gobetti a selection of images from the WARS competition. Saturday and Sunday climbing for everyone in the same square, with an artificial wall and the collaboration of Sportfund and Emotionable.