It starts ideally from Rossini Conservatory in Pesaro the fascinating project of the composer and researcher ecoacustic David Monacchi

Amazzonia. Alle sorgenti del mito

The Expedition Fragments of Extinction - Ecuador 2016 has left Italy Saturday January 23 for the registration campaign in primary forests of western Amazonia. Expedition is the most important stage of the long-term interdisciplinary project, conceived by composer and ecoacustic researcher David Monacchi, whose target is to document the soundscape of the oldest and most important habitats for biodiversity on the planet, the primary equatorial forests.

Fragments of Extinction was born 15 years ago, with a strong ecological and experimental calling: bequeath to future generations a trace of the delicate primary habitats, now threatened by climate change and rapid and violent deforestation. David Monacchi chooses to do so, however, with an original way: the sound.

The area chosen for Expedition Ecuador 2016 - which Montura has decided to support and follow for the high scientific and ecological value of the project - is the natural park of Yasuni, which holds the highest biodiversity of species in the world (alpha and gamma diversity calculated on target of four groups of plants, mammals, amphibians, birds - with over 100,000 species of insects in just one hectare).

In Ecuador, the technology will be enhanced with the most advanced equipment of 3D recording, never tested before in tropical environments, and for which Monacchi's staff has already made an initial trial, which will be documented in the next episode.

The Expedition, which moves without government funding, as well as Monacchi also includes Alex D'Emilia and Nika Saravanja, his assistants and backstage photographers.

These pages document the "journey" undertaken by Monacchi and his staff from the preparation to the different stages in the rainforest that start from 23 January to 28 February, and which will cross the centers of research in forest and expeditions to areas completely untouched.

Montura embraces the spirit of the expedition and the project.

History, mission and the developments of the project are available at: