Arriving on the official website the first updates by Andrea Segre and mates

After the start of October 18, Andrea Segre and mates have came to limestone steppes of Kazakhstan, after crossing the Caspian Sea on board the ship Agdam.

From the diary of 27 October:

«Maybe there is no possible way to create a dialogue between the past and the future when the past is too heavy; Aktau certainly it seems to be no. Everything is interweaving of what was and what he wants to be, but the two dimensions do not seem to look at, not touching them, although in reality belong to the life of all. Large SUVs and shiny BMW are parked in the courtyards of the Soviet block, gray, square and buildings. Shopping centers Plexiglas and glass fill with consumers just got off the bus from old Lada, hollywood style multiplexes interrupt the continuous rows of identical buildings, broken only by the numbers. Dvasetosim micro-region (28) Sun dvasetsim (27). This is the address of that Dina has booked in Aktau for all of us and where we waited for our bubble in Agdam».

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