Kazakhstan: from 18 October to 10 November, the first leg of the Lungo Viaggio

Andrea Segre and his mates leave Italy for venturing off course.

The first leg of the new operation cultural operation of Venetian director, author of numerous documentaries of civil commitment and films of great artistic value, will start Saturday, October 18th.

Segre will be accompanied by his faithful photographer Simone Falso and Matteo Calore. The group of travelers will take the path of Kazakhstan in the footsteps of the Soviet past: the globalization has recently attracted in large eastern steppes the most important multinational companies to extract minerals and oil.

The research subject of socio-film will focuses on the ENI activities, the Italian industrial giant that in these areas has led not only job and consumed resorses, but also language and traditions of Italy, grafted on local populations.

«The journey through the landscapes of Kazakhstan and in the stories of those who populate, will be not only an opportunity for unprecedented knowledge towards the horizons of the euro-Asian steppes, but it will offer also ideas for a new perspective on the history of Italian industrial development, by the way of a kind of mirror upside down».

The aim of the project is to reformulate the abused concept of "journey", freeing it from the chains of prepackaged fate or by the necessity of escape, more and more frequent in the contemporary age, especially in Italy where every day you have to "keep track" of the tens and dozens of lives of migrants who break their dreams on the cliffs of selfish and unprepared Europe, that often sends out to the world a horde of travelers prepackaged, unable to leave the track of homogenisation and then immediately ready to prevent, make impossible the journey for those who really want to change their destiny, maybe coming from the land where for centuries the Europeans have plundered resources, physical and human resources.

After this first trip will follow a development aimed at others travelers FuoriRotta.

«It's a project that is divided into several languages:  documentary film, diaries, reportage, photography, social communication».

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